To make legislative and administrative proposals truly actionable, it is essential to resource them and to reverse recent federal divestment in youth violence prevention, delinquency prevention and juvenile justice. We ask that the Congress fully fund the federal programs that support critical state and local strategies. Specifically, we propose the following activities:

  • Allocate the resources to effectively implement the Youth PROMISE Act.

  • Invest at least $80 million in the JJDPA Title II State Formula Grant Program and $65 million in JJDPA Title V Delinquency Prevention Program as core support for these critical state and local programs. JJDPA funds are used effectively for the following purposes among others: “Gun Programs” to reduce unlawful acquisition and illegal use of guns by juveniles; “School Programs,” such as those designed to enhance school climate and safety; and community action planning to put in place continuums of services for high risk youth and families, and to support prevention violence and delinquency.1

  • Fund effective implementation of the mental health and criminal justice collaboration grant.2 This law, administered by the Department of Justice, authorizes grants to assist with diversion, treatment, and transition services for youth and adults with mental illness who come in contact with law enforcement.