The National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition (NJJDPC) is a collaborative array of youth- and family- serving, social justice, law enforcement, corrections, and faith-based organizations, working to ensure healthy families, build strong communities and improve public safety by promoting fair and effective policies, practices and programs for youth involved or at risk of becoming involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems. We work collaboratively on various reform efforts to improve the administration of juvenile justice.

Steering Committee

Jody Kent Lavy Naomi Smoot

Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth Coalition for Juvenile Justice

Josh Rovner Rachel Marshall

The Sentencing Project Campaign for Youth Justice

Jason Szanyi Sarah Bryer

The Haywood Burns Institute National Juvenile Justice Network

Laura John Ridolfi Yasmin Vafa

Center for Children's Law & Policy Rights4Girls

Marc Schindler

Justice Policy Institute


Members of the NJJDP Coalition meet in person quarterly from 1:30-3pm in a rotating location

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